Volume 1

The publication of this third issue of The Hare marks the completion of our inaugural Volume. Many thanks to our contributors and our editorial board for making it all possible. We look forward to another year of receiving and publishing challenging, imaginative interpretations of early modern literature.

Our main goal for The Hare's second year is to raise its profile and broaden its reach. Details of various forthcoming projects to increase submissions and readership will be posted here as well as on the usual online forums for early modern studies. If you have enjoyed reading the articles in this volume, please share information about the journal with colleagues and students by way of social (and even non-social) media.

A driving idea behind the founding of The Hare was the publication of reviews of old books that might have new bearing upon the field of early modern studies. We have not been able to find as many contributors as we would like to write in this admittedly somewhat odd genre, but will be making a concerted effort to do so in the coming year. Please consider contributing a book review, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about or suggestions for this part of the journal.

With best wishes for the new academic year,

Jeremy Lopez

Paul Menzer