About The Hare

The Hare is an online, peer-reviewed journal, publishing untimely reviews of books, articles, and performances in early modern theater. This journal provides a venue for the reevaluation and revivification of old scholarly work in contemporary scholarly debate. We invite authors to interpret “old” creatively, though traditional reviews of recent publications will not be considered. We welcome untimely reviews of books and articles that our field has overlooked or overemphasized to its detriment. We also welcome untimely performance reviews in early modern theater, recovering important yet passed-over productions excluded from traditional performance history. The Hare will be the home for brief, provocative pieces on these lost, invisible productions. Finally, we also solicit future-looking pieces, from theater artists and scholars for productions they would like to see produced––arguing for what they see as the Cymbeline that Philadelphia most needs today, or The Shoemaker's Holiday in Beijing, for example.

We invite contributions focusing on a wide range of early modern theater, including but not limited to Shakespeare’s plays. We are excited to publish untimely reviews by scholars inspired to reassess old work and performances in order to open up new possibilities for scholarship, alongside theater artists with a vision for the future of early modern performance. This journal is a venue dedicated to challenging the history of our field, through which we foster new ideas, conceptual frameworks, and methodologies in the study of early modern theater. 

The Hare is a Mary Baldwin University-Shakespeare and Performance publication, and is published three times a year.