An Hare

Once is a freak. Twice is a pattern (and three times is just possibly a habit, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves).  This issue of the Hare marks the launch of Volume 2, the second attempt to provoke and record the critical conversations that hover in the eddies of our more formal scholarly venues.  It is our hope that you, our readers, will continue to hover with us, to send us comments, questions, essays, and – most of all – untimely reviews of books rendered obscure by time, fashion, or a dilatory press.

This issue of the Hare returns to the stage with twin essays that position the actor’s body in extremis.  Sometimes ridiculous – Falstaff – and occasionally sublime – Desdemona – the body of the actor that constitutes character continues to insist itself on stage, even when dead or muffled in a fat suit.  In this issue, Robert Hornback and Paige Reynolds essay inventive ways in to the perpetual riddle of performance: the body both is and is not the character.

We are encouraged by the early reception and the growing submissions to this fledgling venture.  And we look forward to sharing with you another year of The Hare.