Another Hare

We are pleased to bring out this second issue of The Hare, containing two fine essays whose diverse subjects--Thomas Dekker's "The Whore of Babylon" and Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis"--turn out to be surprisingly and productively related through the authors' similar concerns with multi-media performance, startling changes of idiom, and complex audience response.

We are pleased, as well to thank the Department of English at the University of Toronto for joining the Graduate Program in Shakespeare and Performance at Mary Baldwin College in providing financial support for the journal.

The Hare continues to seek short, sharply written, imaginative critical engagements with topics in early modern literary studies. We are particularly eager to receive, as well, reviews of--or requests to review--old books.

With your continued interest and submissions we hope to bring out the third and final issue of the journal's first Volume before the beginning of Summer. Please look for us in the bar at the upcoming Shakespeare Association and Marlowe Association conferences to discuss contributing to--and any other ideas you might have about--the journal.