About The Hare

The Hare is a peer-reviewed, on-line academic journal published three times yearly. The journal publishes short essays on the dramatic, poetic, and prose works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The journal also publishes academic book reviews, and provides a public forum for open exchange between scholars in the field.

The Hare seeks sharply focused, stylistically adventurous, formally innovative analytical writing and encourages the submission of: startling paradoxes, out-takes, first gestures, unthought-of excursions, false starts, wild speculations, brave experiments, and other occasional pieces or controversiae dealing with familiar and unfamiliar topics and texts in early modern literature. The journal asserts copyright over all published material but will freely grant permission for future reproduction and publication, subject to due acknowledgment to The Hare.

The Hare solicits reviews of old books. The Editors believe that scholarship and pedagogy benefit from the continuous reappraisal of foundational or seminal critical works—and also the reconsideration of works whose importance has been forgotten, or heretofore overlooked. The definition of “old” will remain flexible, and contributors are encouraged to interpret it creatively. Reviews of recently published books will be considered if they are discussed in conjunction with old books.

The Hare seeks to foster collegial dialogue around current scholarly work. Readers are encouraged to respond to content in The Hare, or to call attention to matters that might be of interest to other readers, in the form of publishable letters.